Fabriano – interior design and custom – made furniture

Fabriano: interior design and custom-made furniture
In early 1997 Fabriano entered the furniture market with outstanding grace and uncompromising principles with regard to the quality of its services. Fabriano designs and produces your furniture with all the necessary attention to detail and adjusts each space to your personal needs and preferences. Among our customers are private homes, prestigious hotels, boutique shops

and commercial companies. In every project we complete we try to achieve the best possible combination of shapes, colours, light, comfort, and last but not least, functionality of the interior. Our success is the result of the work of our highly qualified employees, our staff who have undergone long years of strenuous training, and our modern technological base.

Fabriano is a member of the Branch Chamber of the Woodworking and Furniture Industry.

Stages of completion

preliminary inspection


Space allocation and arrangement.

project and design


This is when we develop your future interior space.

furniture production


A modern production base with high tech machinery.

delivery and installation


To the place and on the date of your choice.